Company Information

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Jetfire Networks

Jetfire Networks is a privately owned Limited Liability Company, established in May 2012 in Portland, Oregon, with the goal of providing stable, reliable virtual hosting solutions. Jetfire Networks began as Northwest Technology Group in July 2009, providing locally sourced I.T. support, shared web hosting, and virtual private servers.  In early 2012, Owner & General Manager John Edel made the decision to expand service levels beyond that of the Pacific Northwest. We encourage you to view our company information via State of Oregon Central Business Registry. Jetfire Networks L.L.C. is headquartered in Suite #103 of the Hampton Square Corporate Plaza in Tigard, Oregon, just a few miles from downtown Portland.  We’re proud to be a small provider.  We balance this with providing stable, reliable hosting services, combined with providing professional, yet personable client service and support.

Owner, General Manager

I am the owner, general manager, and systems engineer. You will, more often than not, work directly with me to solve service and technical support requests. Personable client support is paramount, especially as a smaller hosting provider, and often proves beneficial to clients. Working with a smaller provider eliminates the drama of playing “the blame game” practiced by many mass-market or inexperienced hosting providers.   I’ve worked in I.T. and Systems Administration for thirteen years, and have solid experience administering such Linux distributions as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. I maintain a strong Information Security background, and am privileged to work with a community of professionals at Web Hosting Talk, where I’ve been learning and contributing since 2002. I’m 31, happily married, and in those rare cases where I can find spare time, I can usually be found at the nearby billiard hall or bowling center perfecting my game, or spending some quiet time with my guitar or piano.

Jetfire Networks Website

As you’ve likely realized, the Jetfire Networks website is simple and clean. We are not a fan of shiny templates, getting lost in drop-down menus, or confusing navigation. It’s our opinion that a website should be a reflection of the hosting provider. In our case, a simple, fast loading, hassle-free website reflects the level of service we strive to provide; we’re here to educate, not to distract you with shiny things.