Secure VPS Hosting, Crafted To Meet Your Exact Needs.

We currently base our VPS deployments using OpenVZ, KVM, and LXC virtualization.

We all know that a Virtual Private Server is born of a much larger physical server, also known as a “node”. The node controls all aspects of your VPS, including resource allocation and utilization. We then  balance each virtual server according to your exact specifications. These luxurious VPS solutions run Linux operating systems, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE, and others depending on your needs and personal choice. We provision all Virtual Private Servers by hand and inspect them to ensure a successful deployment. We offer VPS cloning and off-site storage with many of our existing VPS hosting packages. Need a little more of one resource than the other? We make deals, tailor custom VPS packages, and even save you some money if it means earning your trust. Just drop us a line!

Consider Jetfire Networks as your next VPS hosting provider. With a 15-day money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk!  You’ve nothing to lose but the stress. With Jetfire Networks, we stand by the words used most often from our clients.  “Problem Solved.”

Jetfire Networks


Our VPS Nodes’ Specifications:

  • 2U Rackmount Server Chassis
  • Dual Octa Core Intel Xeon E5-2650V2 
  • Dual Hexa Core Intel Xeon X5650/X5660
  • Up to 96 GB ECC Registered DDR3 
  • Western Digital RE (4TB)  6.0Gb/s High Performance HDDs
  • Intel Pro 850 Series SSD (if using our Pure SSD service)
  • RAID-10 Fault Tolerance for Performance and Redundancy
  • Hardware RAID Controller with BBU/ZMM Cache Protection
  • 1Gbps (1 GigE) Uplink Per Node
  • Secured Private Hardware
  • Rebootless Kernel Updates
  • Node Uptime Reports

* CPU Power and Network Uplink resources are distributed equally among VPS clients.